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Cloud Homecare have been looking after my cousin for the last year and have provided the most fantastic service.

It is fair to say that my cousin 'S' can ,at times, be quite challenging due to her dementia and the Cloud team have done a simply brilliant job of looking after her and supporting her throughout this period. 

They have been endlessly patient, very kind, and also provided the highest possible level of care and service with a light touch and a smile on their faces .

In particular they have been superb at ensuring I was kept in the picture and made aware of any issues as they arose . 

I could not be more grateful, nor could I recommend Richard and his amazing team at Cloud more highly.  CJ - January 2023


Cloud Homecare provided care at home for my father from January 2018 to September 2021. My father was 87 at the start of their care and 90 at the end. He suffered from dementia which progressed at a steady pace throughout Cloud Homecare’s involvement with him.
The care package was initially 2 visits per week, rising to 2 visits per day in 2019, and thereafter increasing up  to 3 visits per day, to include taking him for outings in accordance with his health and condition. In addition Cloud Homecare staff provided shopping trips to keep him well provisioned.

The registered Manager Richard Wootton provided my father and us as a family with a top-class service. The initial assessment of needs was proportionate and tailored to my father’s needs as they were then. This was then reviewed at appropriate intervals, always in full communication and consultation with us as a family.
An initial delicate problem arose which Mr Wootton dealt with in a highly professional and considerate way, meeting the family for discussion and working out a solution that placed my father’s needs for continuity of care at the forefront of decision-making. Mr Wootton had to balance the needs and well-being of his staff against my father’s needs for care and support. This sensitive handling resolved the issues very swiftly and they did not arise again.

All the required formalities, including appropriate secure handling of medication and record-keeping was conducted efficiently at all times. 

Richard Wootton at all times maintained efficient and excellent communication with us as a family. Messages and emails were always promptly dealt with and he displayed a real understanding of the family’s concerns and decision-taking at all times.

In addition Richard Wootton provided appropriate flexibility and responsiveness to any care issue needing extra input. On several occasions Mr Wootton himself went to visit my father, going out of his way to check on his welfare, as the need arose.

The care provided by Cloud Homecare spanned the full extent of the coronavirus pandemic. At no stage did Cloud Homecare’s care falter, throughout all the lockdowns and other challenges. Cloud Homecare’s staff took all required protective measures in order to safeguard my father from covid infection. They continued caring for him even though this might have placed themselves at risk of covid exposure. At times, the requirement for staff to self-isolate placed considerable management pressures on Cloud Homecare, but they managed to maintain the care package for my father at all times.

Without fail, all the carers involved in supporting my father treated him with dignity, kindness and appropriate good humour at all times. They took time to get to know my father so as to be able to converse with him on matters which interested him. Much more than that, the carers were all prepared to go the extra mile to provide for his needs. These additional care tasks included: transporting my father to a vaccine centre, taking samples to his GP, looking after all his laundry needs, placing and dealing with mousetraps in the house, providing us with photographs of any items needing our input, taking him to eye tests, and transporting him to the registrar to complete formal documentation. Several of the carers attended to his needs even when off their normal rostered duty. On occasions when my father sustained a fall, the carers stayed with him until assistance or a family member could attend, even though that took them well beyond their allotted time with him, and on one occasion until very late at night. We were often very pleasantly astonished at the level of their commitment to my father’s care.

My father responded well to having a core team of carers that he knew and recognised, and he was able to build up a rapport of trust and confidence in the carers looking after him. Even though he became progressively more impaired by his dementia, he was still often heard to volunteer comments that his carers were "absolutely excellent.”

As a family we are very pleased that we engaged Cloud Homecare to provide a care package that enabled us to keep our father safely at home for as long as possible, and that supported his needs at home to such a high standard. We could not have wished for a higher standard of care.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Cloud Homecare and their manager Richard Wootton.

I am happy to be contacted to discuss this reference.

Andrew.  September 2021

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all those of you who were involved in my mother’s care. You have all been so kind, friendly, cheerful and professional. You gave her the ability to return home after her stroke, and to live her best life in her own home for as long as possible. You made that transition for her so much easier and more natural than I had dared hope. 

So, thank you, you should all be proud of yourselves; you do an amazing job. The relief to me, knowing that she was being looked after so well, is more than I can say.   

Dawn. June 2021

I would like to thank you for the excellent service that you and your staff provided to my mother for the last six months. There were many occasions when you and your carers went well beyond the service contracted. The carers were flexible to the needs and time requirement of Mum on each visit, even going as far as to go looking for her when she was not at home.

 Also I really appreciate the time you spent liaising with Mum’s Doctor and pharmacist as well as the times that you accompanied Mum to Warminster hospital Eye Clinic. I know that she felt great trust in you. I am especially grateful for the kind care that you and A provided on the day of Mum’s fall in the house. I know that she was well looked after during the three or so hours that it took us to drive down to Warminster.

I would have no hesitation in recommending your organisation to others as very caring, well organised and professional.

The team have been providing care for both my parents for over a year. I have met several of the team and have always been impressed by the manner in which they speak to and care for my parents. With Cloud Homecare’s help, my parents are able to stay living in their own home and my brothers and I are fully confident in the ability of the team and the service it provides.

Our parents have very different needs ranging from incontinence issues to severe memory loss, confusion and disorientation. The care workers work hard to ensure my parents feel as comfortable as possible. They are always cheerful and incredibly reassuring. They help make them feel safe, both physically and mentally, in their home. They have taken extra time to talk through my mother’s problems with my father when he has found things difficult and he feels reassured to know that he can ring them as well as any member of the family.

The carers make sure that medication is taken regularly and at the appropriate time. Working with the District Nurse, they are also happy to apply ointments as required. They are very careful to follow the medical guidelines in the contract we have with them. They don’t take on more than they should but are happy to assist us in finding the appropriate healthcare authority or department when there has been an issue (eg when my mother had a tear in her skin). They are excellent in following up on any advice. They have been fantastic in taking our parents to appointments at hospitals and the doctor’s surgery, and also to see opticians, hairdressers and dentists. They always keep us up-to-date via text, email or phone. All medication given and any other event of note is written up at the end of each visit.

As the level of care required has increased, the team have stepped in to ensure needs are met. They now prepare most meals for our parents and will do the shopping for them. They are careful, however, not to take over completely as they understand the importance of enabling our parents to be independent where they can be. Most importantly, they always communicate when they have any concerns about either of my parents.

An added bonus for us has been the team’s willingness to help out with my parents’ dogs. The dogs mean the world to my parents and are essential to their daily well-being. They have taken them to vets and dog groomers and they have applied eye drops daily.

We very much appreciate Cloud Homecare’s flexibility with regards to their schedule. They are happy to step back when either my brothers or myself are around and we aren’t always able to give them a lot of notice. The communication between us has always been easy, friendly and honest.

Our parents look forward to seeing any member of the Cloud Homecare team and have found them willing to help out with any problem – big or small. My brothers and I are grateful that we have found a group of people who are flexible, good-humoured and unfailingly kind.


My father moved to a bungalow near me last year due to the onset of Alzheimers. Cloud Homecare have made a huge difference to his life and have supported me enormously in caring for him. They are his and my guardian angels. Dad says all the people that visit are a delight to have in the house and he looks forward to them coming. They have taken the time to get to know him as an individual and often spot very small changes in his behaviour, alerting me immediately to the fact he may have another infection starting- a level of detail that just shows how much they care and know their clients. As an only child caring for an elderly relative they have made the whole process much less lonely and daunting. Dad is always saying how lucky he is to have such lovely people coming to help him and I trust then completely to care for him in a compassionate, professional, skilled and friendly way.

There unfortunately comes a time in every persons life where they can no longer manage the every day tasks that enable them to carry on with day to day life at home. My precious 89 year old mother is just such a person. She has spent the majority of her life caring for others and always putting herself last, which I'm sure many of you can relate to.

Last summer it was my mother herself that admitted she could no longer manage. She had seen a leaflet advertising the services of Cloud Homecare and we arranged to meet them to discuss Mum's needs and future care.

This was the best decision we have ever made. From that day forward the manager of Cloud Homecare helped with making the necessary arrangements including every detail, from how many days and what times to the personal care of my mother. The love and care they have shown mum has been exemplary in every part of mum's life. They show genuine sensitivity through personal needs to feeding the birds!

As a family we have got to know them very well too and communication is excellent which helps when mum is poorly which she is more and more frequently.

Mum's greatest wish is to stay in her own home as long as possible but without the amazing care given by Cloud Homecare this would not be possible. I could recommend Cloud Homecare to anyone with the same concerns as we had as a family with no hesitation at all. It was definitely the best thing that we could have done for mum but more importantly the best decision mum made for herself.

At the start of last year I was extremely concerned about the welfare of my 92 year old godmother, who has no family and has always lived alone. Fiercely independent and extremely happy in her own company, she has always prided herself on not having to rely on others; however it became increasingly obvious that she was forgetting to eat properly and was not always safe in the kitchen.

Cloud Homecare was recommended by a friend, and from the moment we contacted the company I knew we would be in safe hands. Persuading my godmother to have any help at all was a highly sensitive issue, but a carer from Cloud tackled this with great understanding and sympathy, and started by cooking lunch for my godmother, in the face of some resistance.

Now she could not imagine her life without this carer and her team, who come in to get her dressed, ensure she takes her medication and carry out countless tasks around the house whilst giving her some much-needed companionship.

Before we discovered Cloud Homecare we were seriously worried that my godmother would have to go into a care home. This has enabled her to remain in her home, whilst retaining a sense of her much-loved independence. We live many miles away from Warminster but despite this have absolutely no concerns about my godmother's safety; the carer emails me regularly and airs any concerns. I cannot recommend this company too highly.

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